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What is goloop?

Goloop is the client for the ICON network officially supported by the ICON Foundation. Its purpose is to maintain the state of the decentralized blockchain in a robust, failsafe way.


There are 6 main layers to the goloop client:
  • Transaction handler for interaction with users
  • Transaction handler for internal usage
  • Communication with the execution environment
  • Execution environment
  • Data storage
  • Peer-to-peer communication
You can learn more about the transaction-processing system in the section entitled Transaction processing in ICON.
The goloop program is built using the go programming language, which is popular for system-level and cloud-native applications. It is very modular and can be repackaged to modified versions of the existing components, for example to use a different consensus protocol.
The goloop project is open-sourced, and we welcome collaboration. Check it out here on GitHub, and contribute something or experiment with it if you would like.

Using goloop

See the goloop CLI documentation for information on how to use it.