How to create an ICON account


Install the Hana Wallet extension for a Google Chrome-based browser (Chrome, Chromium, Brave, Edge). If you intend to use Ledger hardware wallet, then be sure to set that up as well.
If you intend to use the goloop cli directly, then you must have that installed and setup. See the instructions on how to setup goloop.

Using Hana Wallet

Click on the extension to open it in a new tab, and the user interface will guide you through the process of setting up an account. Be sure to keep your password and recovery material secure.

Using goloop CLI

Generate a keystore.
$ goloop ks gen --out keystore.json --password <your_password>
hxd8fefc57e0d358e0cf338d684c3e438190d64145 ==> keystore.json
Then get test ICX in Lisbon using the faucets.

Further resources