Using goloop CLI

Goloop CLI is a terminal utility that you can use to generate accounts and make RPC JSON requests easily from the command line.
For a list of all the commands that you can use please visit the following link.

Generating private keys, public keys and addresses

Using the goloop CLI you can create keystores files (accounts) easily by using the following command:
$ goloop ks gen -p 1234
The -p flag can be used to setup the password for the keystore file.

Generating a signature and sending an RPC JSON request

Authentication and generating the signature for a transaction is handled internally by the goloop CLI, you just need to specify the keystore file and the password to send the RPC JSON request for a transaction.
An example of a transaction for sending ICX to another account is described in the following code block:
$ goloop rpc sendtx transfer --uri "http://localhost:9000/api/v3" --nid "3" --step_limit "2000000" --to "hxb6b5791be0b5ef67063b3c10b840fb81514db2fd" --value "1000" --key_password "1234" --key_store ./path/to/wallet.json
For a list of all possible commands related to RPC JSON Requests please visit the following link.

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