Main network

Network characteristics

This is the core ICON network. Refer to this set of documentations for information about economics, computational utilities, smart contracts, etc.

How to access

Main network

Main network. Most recent, stable and tested blockchain version
API Endpoint (network ID: 0x1)

Lisbon test network

Test network. Second round of testing. Just before Main network
API Endpoint (network ID: 0x2)

Berlin test network

Test network. First round of testing
API Endpoint (network ID: 0x7)

Sejong test network

API Endpoint (network ID: 0x53)

How to deploy

See the instructions on deployment, with the uri argument set to the appropriate API Endpoint from above.

Test network faucets

You can get test ICX for testnets using the following faucets. If you need a large amount of ICX, please get in touch with [email protected], or ask in ICON Dev telegram channel or ICON discord server.