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List of pending audit requests - https://audit.icon.foundation/guest/pendingList
NOTICE: New PYTHON SCOREs will not be allowed anymore in ICON 2.0. If you are starting a new project, please use Java. If you are already working on python SCOREs for a while and do not have the resources to switch to Java before ICON 2.0, please let use know in this thread before ICON 2.0 mainnet launch.
For every SCOREs requested to deploy to the ICON mainnet, we perform a security audit in an effort to verify they do not break the mainnet. The audit process may take several days. Before you plan to build your DApp, please take the time to look at these guidelines.
Note, ICON Foundation audits do not audit for security or business logic of a contract. ICON is not responsible for any contract that passes our audit. ICON does not endorse or vouch for the security or business logic of any contract that has gone through the ICON’s audit process. ICON Foundation audits only issues that can cause a critical problem on the blockchain, not the security or business logic of a contract itself.


Please provide integration tests result on Sejong (function calls with parameters and Sejong transaction hashes).
Code should be deterministic as it will run on multiple nodes. You should avoid any business logic that depends on non-deterministic input such as clock time, random number, or external data source.
  • Do not use clock time. Use block height instead. If you really want to use time information, use block timestamp or transaction timestamp.
  • Do not use python random module. Do not use transaction hash or block height as a seed for generating a pseudo random number since they are predictable.
  • Do not make an outgoing network call to fetch external data source whose outcome cannot be verified and also can change over time.
To pass an ICON audit, we recommend you do the following.
  • DO NOT import any system packages. DO import only “iconservice” and the files of your own implementation placed in the same folder.
  • DO NOT make any long-running operation inside the SCORE. Average block generation time would be 2 seconds in ICON, your transaction should not interrupt the block generation. No zero transaction blocks for now.

Audit Process

  • You request to “deploy” your SCORE to the ICON mainnet from the T-Bears CLI.
  • Your SCORE becomes in “pending” state, if the deploy transaction succeeded.
  • You can query your SCORE’s state by sending an API call to a special address using SDKs (Java, Python) or on the ICONex.
    • Address : cx0000000000000000000000000000000000000001
    • API : getScoreStatus
    • Parameter : SCORE address. You can get this address by querying the result of deploy transaction using "tbears txresult" command.
  • Once auditor approves your SCORE, it becomes in “active” state.
  • If rejected, it becomes in “rejected” state. Response message of "getScoreStatus" will return the audit transaction hash, and if you query the audit transaction, you will know why it has been rejected. You need to deploy again after fixing the issues.


We confirm that we do not have any intention of controlling DApps. Our first priority is maintaining ICON network as stable as possible, and minimizing any negative impacts, if any, on our partners business running on ICON.