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Release date: 2021-10-12 UTC Docker TAG: iconloop/prep-node: 20211012.0, 2021-10-12 04:00:00 UTC
The following updates describe the latest improvements in each software package, which uses the following version sequence: loopchain 2.8.1, icon-service 1.9.1, icon-rpc-server 1.7.1, and rewardcalculator 1.2.6. See upgrades and fixes for information about updating to the latest release of ICON blockchain-related implementations in the package.
To upgrade your docker, set your docker tag to iconloop/prep-node in your docker-compose.yml. For this upgrade, it is necessary to bring the node down and up, due to changes. Each node needs to be careful not to cause problems in the consensus process:
docker-compose pull
docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

ICON 1.0



prepare shutdown

  • stop block generation when SHUTDOWN revision is approved.

key convert

convert old private key(pem or der) to json keystore
  • with docker-compose
$ docker-compose run --rm prep loop -k
  • with snap or vanilla python packages
$ loop -o loopchain.conf -k
After that, update your configurations of PRIVATE_PATH.

cancel shutdown

Caution : This feature should be executed when happened severe issue with migration to ICON2.0
with docker-compose
  • update your docker-compose.yaml with follow environment.
- environment:
  • run loopchain
$ docker-compse up -d
with snap or vanilla python packages
$ CANCEL_SHUTDOWN=true loopchain -o loopchain.conf