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Testing Framework

Functions Provided by ScoreTestCase

SCORE unit test class must inherit ScoreTestCase. Deploying SCORE after every code modification is a hassle. ScoreTestCase helps you test SCORE logic itself in an isolated environment without network deployment. ScoreTestCase provides following functions.
  • Instantiate SCORE
    • Instantiate SCORE. You can access the attributes and methods of the SCORE as if it a general object.
  • Set SCORE properties
    • Provide the ability to set the property values in the SCORE instance. You can set tx, msg, and the current block height and timestamp in your test code to mimic the precondition of a test.
  • Mock state DB
    • Test code can set / get the state variables of the SCORE as if it is executed on the blockchain. The state is stored in memory, not in the file system. Unit-test code execution does not affect on local T-Bears server state (Level DB) in any way.
  • Assert eventlog invocation
    • Provides a way to verify that the evenlog function is called in your SCORE implementation as per the method specification.
  • Patch & assert InternalCall (invoking external functions in other SCORE).
    • Provides a way to assert that the external function has been called with specific arguments. It assumes that external modules behave as per the specification.

Functions Provided by IconIntegrateTestBase

Every SCORE integration test class must inherit IconIntegrateTestBase. IconIntegrateTestBase class provides three functions
  • Support Python unittest
    • You can write and run the test method with prefix test_
    • You can initialize and finalize the test by overriding setUp and tearDown.
  • Emulate ICON service for testing
    • Initialize ICON service and confirm the genesis block
    • Create accounts for test
      • self._test1 : Account with 1,000,000 ICX
      • self._wallet_array[] : 10 empty accounts in a list
  • Provide APIs for SCORE integration test
    • process_transaction()
      Invoke transaction and return the transaction result
    • process_call()
      Call SCORE's read-only external function and return the result
SCORE integration test code is implemented as follows.
  • Deploy the SCORE to be tested.
  • Create an ICON JSON-RPC API request for the SCORE API you want to test
  • If necessary, sign the ICON JSON-RPC API request
  • Invoke the ICON JSON-RPC API request and get the result
  • Check the result

Writing Tests

Please follow the below guidelines to learn about testing SCOREs on T-Bears.