Validator nodes

What is a Validator node?


Learn how to run a validator node yourself here.

From the glossary, a Validator node (opens in a new tab) is defined as follows:

Block validator for the ICON network. Transaction processors for operations that change the state of the ICON network. Typically representing an end-user group that has made important contributions to the ICON network. Typically encouraged to incentivize the at-large ICON Community for participation and to help increase the value of the ICON network

Validator nodes write to the ICON blockchain. They do this by processing transactions on individual nodes and then forming a consensus with other nodes.

It is not possible to access a Validator node publicly. This serves to reduce the amount of work that a Validator node must do, which allows them to operate faster and more accurately. All public access to ICON occurs through an API Endpoint.

Why run a Validator node?

Running a Validator node increases diversity within the ICON network. Diversity lowers the chances of a network attack through a malicious user. Running a Validator node also increases your value to the community, because you are now opening yourself as a possible Delegate, which means that you would take on part of the responsibility of ensuring that the network operates properly.

Running a Validator node

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